We are grateful for the community of great people that make us who we are! We love being here for you with our expert knowledge to help you find the perfect cannabis products for your tastes and preferences.

Matt Kenevan
Matt KenevanOwner and Operator
The man with the dream (and a really great beard)! Matt Kenevan is the dreamer and sole reason for Dabbler Depot, Dabbler Depot Coffee, Dabbler Depot THC, and Beer Dabbler aka Winter Beer Dabbler and Pride Dabbler. If you’ve ever enjoyed one of our AMAZING beer festivals you can directly thank Matt K!
CayleCannabis Buyer
Though he is young, he is but MIGHTY! If you have seen anything new and exciting coming out of Dabbler Depot THC chances are high it originated directly from Cayle! Stay tuned for Cayle’s adventure into teaching our customers how to grow their own THC.
WillCannabis Buyer
For Will, it’s not just about enjoying THC; it’s about crafting a masterpiece. If you’ve enjoyed a uniquely delicious treat from our stores you can thank Will for finding Michelin-starred creations and concoctions, and all while wearing a lab coat that makes Bill Nye look like a rookie.
RudieCannabis Buyer
Rudie, our jack of all trades can be found geeking out about the latest product and why it should become your favorite product too! From seed, drink, and edible suggestions we can guarantee Rudie will be able to find your new favorite product. He may also make a movie or tv show recommendation!
SamTHC Sales
With an unquenchable thirst for the freshest strains and the most exotic cannabis creations, Will doesn’t just know THC, it’s a lifestyle! You’ll catch will restocking the shelves at our West 7th location or helping customers in the liquor store.
LiamTHC Sales
For Liam, cannabis is a muse, and they are the artistic genius. If you need inspiration from the cosmos to create mind-bending masterpieces then Liam is your guy. Whether it’s painting, music, or poetry, their creativity knows no bounds. Bob Ross, meet your stoned soulmate.
EdwardTHC Sales
Edward has an encyclopedic knowledge of cannabis culture and he can tell you extensively about why cannabis has helped so many people. He’s like a guru in the world of ganja, sharing wisdom about the art of relaxation and self-awareness through the gentle embrace of Mary Jane.
NateTHC Sales + Coffee Lead
The man keeping our team caffeinated, Nate has a deep passion for the rich and robust! Nate’s mastery extends beyond cannabis, he’s the Espresso Extraordinaire capable of crafting a cup that awakens your senses like a harmonious morning melody.
SharonLiquor Store + THC Sales
For those who don’t know her yet, this is Sharon! You can often find Sharon doing everybody else’s jobs better than they can while also helping guests find their next favorite purchase. You may recognize her from our Sipping with Sharon series on our Dabbler Depot social sites!
MarinaWebsite Development
With an artistic soul and an eye for pixel perfection, Marina’s mastery extends beyond the digital canvas. She’s the Design Diva Extraordinaire, an artisan of the digital realm, capable of crafting websites that are not just visually stunning but also intuitively navigable. Her designs are a testament to both form and function, turning your website into a work of art.
JordanPhotography + Videography
With a camera in hand and an eye for the extraordinary, Jordan is the Shutter Sorcerer Extraordinaire. Every click is a spellbinding enchantment, and every frame a masterpiece in the making. His photography is a fusion of art and emotion, turning ordinary moments into timeless treasures.
MikeDabbler Depot GM
Although not technically a part of the THC team, Mike is the papa bear to our staff and crew. You can find him helping literally everyone with their projects or with Sharon by the Prize Wheel concocting a brand new sipper for our Sipping with Sharon series. If you need a beer, wine, and spirit suggestion Mike is your guy!
EDabbler Depot Beer Buyer
Alright, alright, E also isn’t TECHNICALLY a part of the THC team but we can guarantee you’ll find them making suggestions for the perfect brew, stocking the coolers, and helping out in the coffee/thc shop at our West 7th location.